You are welcome to visit the cellar door for a free wine tasting and chance to chat with Gino.

A local bricklayer completed the work with advice from Gino who had learnt the techniques from his grandfather In Italy. Gino had worked with his grandfather using stone for a couple of years before moving to Australia. Peter provided labour. We have photos of the construction if this would be useful. We recently added a counter and wine storage boxes to our cellar door which are all made from one red gum tree off Gino’s father’s property in King Valley.

Building the cellar door was not an easy job. The stones were laid like a large jig-saw making sure that the small and large rocks are well dispersed. The walls are 500mm thick and some of the rocks span this distance.

Twice a year we partake in King Valley festivals – June long weekend ‘Weekend fit for a King” and the third weekend in November “La Dolce Vita” festival.

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